• Image of The Grapplers Gift #2
  • Image of The Grapplers Gift #2
  • Image of The Grapplers Gift #2

The Grapplers Gifts #2 includes the following all boxed together

* The Grapplers Gift T-Shirt
* The Grapplers Gift Mug (Not Dishwasher Safe, Do Not Microwave)
* The Grapplers Gift Sticker
* The Grapplers Gift Patch
* Whisky Wolf Full Soap
* Whisky Wolf Patch
* Patches O’Toole Postcard
* Patches O’Toole Sticker
* Scramble Drawstring bag
* Variety of stickers
* Classic Beenie from Rock the House Fightwear (a choice from black, navy, maroon or Grey)
* Meerkatsu Art Card (choice of T-Rex or Buddha that can be stamped with a personal message)
* Saviour Tea Pouch (a choice of Energise, Hydrate or Stimulate while stocks last)

All choices need to be sent through our contact form with your order details.

Delivery included within the UK, if you wish to order outside of the UK please contact us first as there will be additional delivery costs.